Health Policy

Be safe like home

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more careful when travelling. But, apart from a burden, it is also an opportunity for all conscious hospitality professionals to become even better at putting the health and safety of you, our guest, at the centre of our attention and care.

In Caldera, we strive to keep you totally safe during your holidays in Crete, by faithfully following the strict procedures and protocols of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek Ministry of National Health. This way, we make an extremely safe destination, like Crete, even safer.


  • 2 metres distance signs at the Reception desk.
  • Occupancy management has been implemented to limit the occupancy of the hotel based on the national guidelines.
  • Body temperature checks with thermometers for everyone enter the hotel.
  • A 2-metre distancing policy in place.
  • Face masks worn by the reception teams.
  • Protective face masks, gloves and disinfectant available in all guest rooms on arrival. It is compulsory to wear face masks and gloves when entering restaurants.
  • Frequent disinfection of the reception area.
  • Your luggage is disinfected upon arrival to the hotel.
  • As per local government protocols, the checkout is set at 11.00hrs.

Guests Rooms & Public Areas

  • All rooms are supplied with disinfectants, face masks and gloves for guests to use throughout their stay.
  • All non-essential items such as magazines, stationary, tea and coffee facilities and decorative pillows and covers are removed from all rooms.
  • Room cleaning takes place only when guests are not in the room and by using suitable disinfectant and disposable paper as recommended by the local government.
  • To minimize the risk of cross contamination we clean the room and change the linen twice a week and only when the guest is not present in the room as to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Personal protective equipment worn by every team member, which is changed for each room cleaning.
  • All hard surfaces and frequently used items such as switches and remote controls are disinfected.
  • A deep clean and disinfection take place prior to a guests check-in.
  • Commonly used public areas including toilets and hotel lobby areas are disinfected every hour.
  • A “Response Team” is created and undergo an intensive training program based on the cleaning and disinfecting of an occupied room where there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.
  • Self-isolation rooms will be made available to accommodate any guests with suspected cases of COVID-19 where hospitalization is not required.
  • Elevators are available for use with a restricted and maximum occupancy per elevator.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning in our public areas including lobbies, elevators, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys, laundry, locker rooms and offices.

Bars & Restaurants

  • Hand sanitisation is compulsory when entering each restaurant and bar area.
  • Protective gloves must be worn when using serving utensils, which will be limited to live cooking stations and individual portion buffet areas.
  • All utensils and equipment will be changed every 30 minutes.
  • Set time dining will be implemented in all restaurants and access to the buffet is controlled by our team members.
  • All restaurants and bars will be re-designed to allow 2-metre distancing between tables.
  • Single-use table cloths and napkins are being used in all restaurants.
  • Team members wear personal protective equipment at all times.
  • All drinks are served by our team members.
  • Our buffets remain albeit at different shape and format in order to assist with social distancing.
  • Children should remain at the table and parents/guardians should collect meals on their behalf.
  • Room Service is not provided

Swimming Pools & Surrounding Areas

  • Sun beds are arranged with a 2-metre distance.
  • Guests should observe social distancing measures when using the hotel pools.
  • Sun beds and Umbrellas are disinfected each day.
  • Non-essential items are removed from the pool areas.
  • Pool water is treated with appropriate disinfection products and as per extensive company procedures for water management.
  • Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath are not available for use.
  • Gym equipment is frequently disinfected by our staff; disinfectant will also be available at the designated areas. Gym can be used only with reservation in the reception and max 2 persons.

Maintenance Department

  • Any maintenance required in guest rooms will be done by appointment and ONLY when the guests are not present in the room.
  • Each team member wears personal protective equipment at all times.
  • Working areas will be disinfected before and after the work is carried out.

General Information

  • The hotel has established a Crisis & Emergency Team which consists of higher management members.

Green Policy

For us, “Every day is Environment Day”.

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